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It's time to address the global need for a stronger pharmacy workforce.

In low-income countries, pharmacies are often the only point of access to healthcare. However, pharmacy workers in developing countries lack the necessary resources to meet the complex challenges at the nexus of patient care and drug management.

Pharmacy personnel hold remarkable, untapped potential to improve health in developing countries. We invite you to help us transform the global pharmacy workforce and improve health around the world.


The World Health Organization estimates a global shortage of 18 million health workers.

Pharmacy workers often lack essential information and resources for safe and effective use of medicines. 

New models are being called upon to strengthen the pharmacy workforce in the developing world.

Why pharmacy?

Pharmacies offer untapped potential for change in resource-poor settings. The pharmacy is often a patient’s only access to health care. Community-based pharmacies provide cost-free advice, make referrals, monitor drug therapy and oversee responsible use of medicine. But often these pharmacies are not accredited, standardized or well-resourced, and qualified individuals are rarely available to supervise these services -- putting patients at risk.

Watch Monira's story to see how Vennue is unlocking the potential of the pharmacy workforce.

Quality care for every patient

Vennue is the first social enterprise committed to improving patient care in developing countries by strengthening pharmacy services. Our new approach promises to offer every patient quality care at the point where medications and services are most frequently accessed: the pharmacy.

Vennue’s pharmacy workforce education programs equip local staff with the knowledge and skills to serve as effective providers of quality, patient-centered pharmaceutical care. Our proprietary model is effective, scalable and sustainable; it has the potential to transform patient care around the world.

Exponential impact

By supporting pharmacy workers in developing countries, we can improve the health and lives of millions of people. Vennue’s model for change is demonstrating results. We are accelerating progress toward achievement of UN Sustainable Development Goal 3.c. which calls for new approaches to ‘develop, train and retain the health workforce’ in developing countries. Additional support can help us to fully realize our goals. Learn how to sponsor a class, advocate for change, or help build Vennue’s digital information hub.

Join us! Stay connected to the global movement to build a stronger pharmacy workforce.