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B Appeal 2018


Vennue Saves Lives. Together we can do so much more.

Help us reach our 2018 goal of $250,000.

Pharmacies are often the only point of care in low-income countries. Yet pharmacy staff lack essential training and resources to oversee safe and effective use of medicine. Fortunately, Vennue is working in countries like Bangladesh and Nepal to strengthen the pharmacy workforce.


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TOGETHER we can train and mobilize the Pharmacy Workforce.

We would like to introduce Anamul, a 27-year-old pharmacy worker at CBMCHB Pharmacy in Mymensingh, Bangladesh, who is a recent graduate of Vennue’s Patient-Centered Pharmacy Care program. Trained by Vennue, Anamul takes great pride in the responsibility of his work.


Vennue enabled Anamul to gain the necessary skills and information to safely dispense medicines and effectively counsel patients. The first organization to improve patient care through an innovative pharmacy workforce development program, Vennue collaborates with local and international healthcare partners to advance best pharmacy practices and empower local pharmacy champions like Anamul.

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Together we can EMPOWER HEROS

One day, while Anamul was seeing patients at CBMCHB Pharmacy, a woman named Deepa came in with a prescription. Deepa’s doctor had prescribed an antibiotic to treat an infection. Anamul, trained by Vennue to always ask women of child-bearing age if they could be pregnant, did so. Deepa confirmed that she was, indeed, pregnant.

“Did you tell your doctor that you are pregnant?” Anamul inquired.

“No, I did not feel that this was necessary,” replied Deepa.

Anamul explained that the prescribed antibiotic could be harmful to Deepa and her unborn baby. He referred Deepa back to her doctor for a different prescription. Together, the three of them discussed the optimal treatment for Deepa.


Vennue is committed to empowering local healthcare professionals like Anamul, a 27-year-old pharmacy worker in Mymensingh, Bangladesh who saved the life of a patient, Deepa, and her expected baby girl.

By participating in Vennue’s Patient-Centered Pharmacy Care program, Anamul and other healthcare providers gain critical pharmacy knowledge while improving their client interaction skills. Our graduates also report a heightened sense of responsibility and confidence when performing their professional roles.

Patients like Deepa are grateful. With thanks to Anamul and his excellent service delivery, Deepa and her entire family are joyfully expecting the birth of a baby sister for their six-year-old son, Kallal.

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Together we can transform global health

Vennue's network of healthcare partners in the developing world serves a population in excess of one million patients. Our local instructors are training and mentoring pharmacy staff to provide safer, more effective services focused on patient health rather than drug products. Our program graduates are achieving a remarkable 76% increase in their knowledge of Good Pharmacy Practice!

By elevating the quality of pharmacy care across this network, Vennue’s new education model is delivering exponential impact on patient health and well-being. Supporting just one pharmacy worker in a country like Bangladesh helps an estimated 15,000 patients per year.

Join us. Help Vennue transform the pharmacy workforce and build healthier communities around the world.