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Our Model

Help enable more pharmacy workers to catalyze change.

Empowering local change agents

Our proprietary program in Patient-Centered Pharmacy Practice is advancing healthcare in the developing world by building a stronger pharmacy workforce. Overall, the program is advancing local knowledge of pharmacy practice by a remarkable 73 percent.  

Strategic initiatives

Vennue is the first global health organization to strengthen health services through an innovative strategy of pharmacy workforce training, information access and advocacy. By designing and testing the effectiveness of these initiatives, we are working to advance pharmacy practices and to empower local pharmacy champions.

Vennue’s current intervention model consists of training pharmacy personnel in our proprietary curriculum for Patient-Centered Pharmacy Care. Our field-based education programs serve as a unique forum – or Vennue – for pharmacy learning and collaboration.

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Vennue's digital hub will provide access to our proprietary curriculum and learning modules.  Pharmacy staff anywhere in the world will be able to complete our qualification program and gain certification from remote locations. 

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Vennue is building evidence and promoting change by mapping the challenges facing the pharmacy workforce and emerging needs of patients.   We continually assess our programs through outcome evaluation and work closely with local partners to measure and advance the quality of pharmaceutical care. 

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A forward-thinking approach

  • Scalability Our model has inherent scalability because it is built on standard-based, universally applicable Good Pharmacy Practices recognized by authorities such as the WHO and the American Pharmacy Association. Vennue’s unique role is stewarding effective implementation of these standards in low-income settings.
  • Local Adaptability Our learning modules maintain universal relevance in any developing country. They cut across public and private sectors, urban and rural areas. They can be adapted for facility- or community-based care and can be tailored for certain disease profiles or inventory stocks. The modules are customized to meet national regulatory requirements and raise the bar of pharmacy practice.
  • Sustainability Our vision is to evolve into a self-sustaining social venture.  We will continue to benefit from tax-exempt donations while offsetting operating costs with revenue generation. Income will be generated through two channels: a fee-for-service model in field-based training, allowing public and private partners to co-share program costs; and locally-appropriate membership fees to access our community hub.