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We have developed a successful pharmaceutical care model that can be effectively replicated and scaled out through partnership.  We are achieving remarkable results in Bangladesh where current collaboration includes:


Vennue is pleased to announce our new partnership with QPS, the largest retail pharmacy chain in Bangladesh. We will be working together with QPS to ensure their patients are offered the best pharmaceutical care possible.

Bangladesh Institute of Health Sciences (BIHS) Hospital – Urban Healthcare Center Component and Diabetic Association of Bangladesh

These institutions are local leaders of the Health Care Development Project (HCDP), funded in part by the Government of the Netherlands with the goal of improving diabetes management.

On the campus of Bangladesh University of Health Sciences, Vennue conducts a course in Patient-Centered Pharmacy Practice for staff from nine HCDP-affiliated health centers in and around Dhaka. Portions of the curriculum target effective management of chronic diseases like diabetes and hypertension. The interactive class is a forum for knowledge-sharing and collaborative problem-solving across clinic sites.

Community Based Medical College Hospital of Bangladesh (CBMCH,B)

This large teaching hospital in Mymensingh has successfully demonstrated the advancement of pharmaceutical care under the guidance of our local instructor Mohammad Abusyed. The robust results achieved at CBMCH,B provide a necessary proof-of-concept for Vennue’s model. Today we offer ongoing support to CBMCH,B while refining our interventions for other partners.

Become a Vennue Partner

If you are interested in building your hospital or clinic’s pharmaceutical care capacities, contact Vennue, the place for training, information and technology:

Tammy Allen, CEO